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Key Subscription Terms

Last Revised: July 22, 2022

Thank you for your interest in becoming a BarTrack customer! Below is a summary of some key terms and other important information regarding BarTrack’s product subscription offerings. For more details, please see our Subscription Agreement terms at for subscriptions to BarTrack’s beverage monitoring/inventory management solution.

  • ●  Installation: Following registration (typically within one week) your BarTrack project coordinator will reach out to you to schedule onboarding and installation of the BarTrack solution. Failure to comply with onboarding requirements (including by failing to provide required information, failing to attend onboarding meetings or failing to honor scheduled installation dates), may result in the additional fees and charges. We reserve the right to charge you additional fees delays in the onboarding process.
  • ●  Warranty Service: Each BarTrack operating subscription comes with a limited 1 year warranty on the operation of the hardware provided to you. Please see your Subscription Agreement for important details and exclusions. You will be responsible for all costs (including charges for on-site visits by service technicians and costs of repair/replacement) for issues not covered by the warranty, as well for service after the warranty term.
  • ●  Committed Term: Excluding the lease of the hardware equipment, every subscription for a BarTrack product involves a commitment by the customer to pay BarTrack recurring fees for a specific length of time (for example, 2, 3 or 4 years). These fees will begin within two weeks after the installation date. The length of your term commitment will be indicated on your subscription registration form when you sign up for a BarTrack subscription. This commitment applies even if your establishment closes or is sold. If your BarTrack subscription is terminated (other than due to material breach by BarTrack), you will be responsible for paying BarTrack the balance of all fees for the full committed subscription term.
  • ●  Continued Use of BarTrack Solution After Committed Term: Once the committed term of your BarTrack product subscription ends, you may choose to either (1)continue using the BarTrack product for the equivalent Committed Subscription Term, at BarTrack’s then-current undiscounted pricing, (2) agree to a new committed term and pricing for your BarTrack product subscription, provided submission 30 days within of active Committed Subscription Term and BarTrack acceptance , at BarTrack’s then-current undiscounted pricing for customers that do not have a term commitment or (3) stop using the BarTrack product by providing 90 days advance written notice. In cases where you stop using the BarTrack product, you agree to cooperate with BarTrack to remove the BarTrack hardware from your premises. In addition, you will be required to pay termination charges as set forth in the Subscription Agreement, to cover BarTrack’s costs for removing and replacing its hardware.
  • ●  Late Fees: Failure to make timely payments to BarTrack may result in late charges (at the lesser of 1% per month or the maximum legal rate) and/or termination of your subscription.
  • ●  Additional Charges: You will be responsible for additional charges under certain circumstances, in addition to the recurring fees and other amounts listed on your subscription registration page or as provided for in your Subscription Agreement. A current list of these charges is set forth below, and is subject to updating by BarTrack from time to time:
    • Hardware Replacement & Install Partner Charges: Replacement of hardware not covered by BarTrack’s warranty will be charged at the current “Market Value” for such hardware, plus an additional service fee to cover installation cost. Please contact BarTrack for a quote of current pricing if hardware replacement is needed. Please contact BarTrack for a quote of current pricing.
    • BarTrack Team Charges: Service Fee for On-Site Tech Support by BarTrack team charged on a per hour of travel basis on-site visits, plus travel costs (this is nationwide USA). Please contact BarTrack for a quote of current pricing.
      • NOTE: If the Tech arrives and no one is on site for 30 min, the tech will leave and customer is still charged for the visit.
    • Ethernet Cable Termination: $50 per end of cable plus service per hour. (Applies in cases where the ethernet cable itself requires a plug at each end for the modem and hardware. This service is performed by BarTrack employees and is available in the Greater Washington DC area only. Customers in other locations are responsible for engaging an IT service provider to provide this service.) Please contact BarTrack for a quote of current pricing.
  • Inventory/Digital Menus: Charge for 1 hour time block training call with a BarTrack Module Expert on Inventory or Digital Menus configuration and best practices. Please contact BarTrack for a quote of current pricing.
  • Meeting Cancellation/Rescheduling Charges: BarTrack reserves the right to charge additional fees in the following events. A current schedule of these charges is available from BarTrack upon request. Please contact BarTrack for a quote of current pricing.
    • Installation date missed or cancelled/rescheduled less than 7 days before the scheduled installation date.
    • Training session missed or cancelled/rescheduled (manager and staff will be charged separately for each missed/cancelled/rescheduled meeting).
    • Report review meeting missed or cancelled/rescheduled less than 7 days before the scheduled meeting date.
  • Advanced Training: Charge per hour for 1 hour time block with a BarTrack Client Success Manager to help maximize your experience through personalized and advanced training. Please contact BarTrack for a quote of current pricing.

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