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Shrinkage = 20%

Unrealized Revenue = $98,280.00

Realized revenue after BarTrack = $87,852.12

BarTrack helps you recognize this loss and works to reduce your lost product. Innovate and reduce your shrinkage!

Inventory Management

Cut Your Losses

Do you like the look and feel of your current taps but want to combine them with analytics and trends, all while preventing unnecessary waste? Then our Inventory Management System is for you! This system allows you to queue and display inventory, optimize re-ordering patterns, and utilize metadata to optimize other day-to-day operations. Similar to our other products, the inventory management system is maintained and serviced by BarTrack.

Our easy-to-install sensors go directly on your current draft lines. These sleek, never before seen units are the easiest and cleanest install of any beer Inventory Management System out there. Our proprietary sensors allow your beer to be served without impeding the draft lines, or obstructing any flow of beer. One of our top priorities is optimizing the quality of your beer so your customer gets the best tasting beer every time. In turn, this will encourage resale for your establisment

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