Bring Your Taproom or Bar into the 21st Century

Our platform provides a one-stop-shop for your establishment, from TV & QR Menus to our revolutionary, Non-Intrusive Beverage Sensor. We help you easily reach your operational goals through combining actionable data with a consultative approach to eliminate all forms of waste. 

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Pour Smarter With BarTrack’s Quality-Focused, Non-Intrusive Beverage Sensor

Revolutionize your draft system with our proprietary Beverage Sensor and gain automated, real-time insights into your beverage programs!

Unlike the traditional flow meter – BarTrack’s one-of-a-kind sensor has zero moving parts and is completely non-intrusive – resulting in no agitation and no routine maintenance. We integrate with your Point of Sale (POS) system and combine accurate, timestamped data and a product quality-centric approach to eliminate all forms of waste and ensure your liquid is poured the way the brewer intended.

Plug-and-play sensors install easily to any draft system (including Kegerators and Brite Tanks), turning your old draft system into a Smart Draft System. Our beverage sensors continuously monitor nearly a dozen beverage specific variables, including temperature and pressure, to ensure draft quality, compare individual pours to sales, and provide you with real-time keg levels and alerts.

In addition to the practical benefits of our system, our hospitality consultants combine their decades of industry experience to provide you with a deeper understanding of how your business is operating by building actionable, data-driven insights enabling you to make informed business decisions.

How Do You Eliminate Foamy Beer? With BarTrack’s Smart Draft System!

Manage Your Taproom or Bar On One Platform!

Eliminate double entry and manage your entire bar program on one platform with BarTrack. BarTrack’s suite of products will enable you to manage your bar at a granular level, remotely. We provide real-time data that enables you to manage every aspect of your taproom including draft beverages, bottles/cans, and QR / TV menus – with one platform.

Our reports display actionable KPI’s and Milestones – allowing management to pinpoint and solve where, when, why, and how waste occurs. Easy to understand reports and management tools combined with readily-available consultants, build strong, long-lasting success.

The average tap line earns an additional $2,500 per year, which equals taprooms earning over $50k in profits. Bring your bar into the 21st Century with a proven platform bolstered by a proven team of operators with decades of experience.

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